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Thanaweya Amma
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Maths G11

*Algebra + Geometry + Trigonometry+ Calculus*

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Calculator Instructions

Thank you for using our Merit Award Calculator, here are some guidelines to help you out through it!

-You can check our scholarship scheme here.

-You can check the Thanaweya Amma’s admission requirements here And here are the Faculties specific requirements:

Faculty of Business Administration: Grade 12 Math, English, and any 2 subjects chosen from Social Studies, Languages or Sciences, and one other academic course; an overall average of 70% minimum.

Faculty of Mathematical and Computational Sciences: Grade 12 Math, English, 2 Sciences, and one other academic course; an overall average of 70% minimum.

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering: Grade 12 Academic Math, English, two Sciences chosen from Biology, Chemistry or Physics and one other academic subject; an overall average of 70% minimum with no grade below 65% and at least 70% in Grade 12 Academic Math.

-Only use courses studied in Grade 12 (ثالثة ثانوي).

-If you are a Science Track or a Literature Track student, your scholarship is calculated with Grade 11 Maths. (Make sure to submit your Grade 11 Transcript with your student file.)

-Make sure to choose your Maths (G11) Maximum grade according to what you have fulfilled in your respective High School (Either out of 20, or out of 100 or out of 200).

Please note that this calculator is only intended to give you an insight to what your scholarship is going to look like. The percentage you have calculated is only Provisional and not Final. Your final Scholarship percentage and qualifiable courses will be determined by the admissions upon the following:

-Paying your tuition deposit.

-Submitting your student file/Final High School Transcript on campus.

Note: Students taking Full EAP Preparatory Courses qualify for the second-semester scholarship only if the student passed the course in the first semester and registered for credit courses.