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UPEI Cairo Campus Minors


Minors Offered at UPEI, Cairo Campus

Students registered at any of the three faculties can have a minor in either Business Administration, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, and/or Political Sciences. Minors are not reflected on the graduation certificate but are stated in the academic transcript.

Minor in Business Administration

The Minor in Business Administration is designed for students in faculties other than Business Administration. The Minor consists of at least twenty-one semester hours. 

Completion of the Minor in Business Administration requires successful completion of the following courses:


  • Accounting 1010 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Business 1410 – Marketing
  • Business 1710 – Organizational Behaviour

Four of the following courses:

  • Accounting 2210 – Managerial Accounting
  • Business 2510 – Introduction to Management Science
  • Business 2650 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Business 2880 – Research and Evidence-Based Management
  • Business 2310 – Corporate Finance
  • Business 2720 – Human Resource Management
  • Business 3010 – Business Law – Part I
  • Business 3330 – Integrated Cases in Corporate Finance or Business 3340 (formerly 421) – Personal Finance
  • Business 3430 – Integrated Cases in Marketing 
  • Business 3510 – Operations Management
  • Business 3710 – Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Business 4850 – Developing Management Skills

Minor in Computer Science

Students may obtain a Minor in Computer Science by completing at least 21 semester hours of credit in Computer Science defined as follows:

  • CS 1910-1920 – Computer Science I & II
  • CS 2520 – Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CS 2920 – Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Plus 3 semester hours of credit in Computer Science at the 3000 level or higher, and an additional 6 semester hours of credit in Computer Science at the 2000 level or higher

Minor in Political Sciences

To obtain a minor in Political Science, students must complete the following requirements: 21 semester hours in the discipline at the 2000 level and above, distributed over at least three of the four fields (Canadian Politics, Political Theory, Comparative Politics, and International Politics).

At least three courses (nine semester hours) must be from the 3000 level or above. Those taking a minors program in Political Science should also meet with the Department Chair at the beginning of each term to review their program.

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