UPEI Cairo Campus

Admission Requirements

Faculty of Mathematical and Computational Sciences

To check your eligibility for your desired program, you need to fulfill the 3 sections of the below admission criteria.

  1. English Language Proficiency Requirements 
  2. Main Faculty Requirements that are considered the main pillars for program eligibility.
  3. Requirements Per High School Curriculum which is the fulfillment of main faculty requirements according to your studied curriculum.

English Proficiency Requirement

Main Faculty Requirements

Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematics: Grade 12 Math, English, 2 Sciences, and one other academic course; an overall average of 70% minimum.


Note: For students who may not be hitting the score of a subject required for admission into a specific faculty, or students requiring a transition program to university from High School, the UPEI Cairo Campus is prepared to provide a pathway that will allow qualified students to either register into a Gateway Program or as an Unclassified Student.”

Requirements Per High School Curriculum

Note: Our accepted curriculums include but are not limited to the above-mentioned curriculums. Other certificates are evaluated based on our general faculty requirements by the admissions’ office.

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