UPEI Cairo Campus

Scholarship Criteria

What is the scholarship scheme for UPEI Cairo Campus?

UPEI Cairo Campus supports students and their educational goals by offering a number of scholarships based on merit. Scholarships are offered to students with special qualifications such as academic, athletic, or artistic talents. Recipients must meet the eligibility criteria and support their application with all the necessary official documents. In cases where students qualify for more than one scholarship/award, students will receive the award of the highest value only.

Other Financial Considerations:

  1.   Siblings of full-time registered students at UofCanada will qualify for a 10% tuition discount.
  2.   Students can combine more than one scholarship and a special discount of up to 50%.
  3.   Students must register the maximum course load for the Fall and Winter semesters to receive the full
  4.   The calculation of the scholarship and discounts is done through the Finance Department based on specific
     sequence orders.
  5.   The combination between academic and athletic scholarships without maximum limitation of percentage.
  6.   Adding special discounts for specific professions TBA.
  7.   Financial aid criteria and percentage TBA.