UPEI Cairo Campus

Tuition Fees

Non-Egyptian Students

Undergraduate Tuition Fees for Fall 2023-2024

Tuition Fees: (Non-Egyptian Students – Newcomers)


Cost per course (USD)

Tuition fees per Semester in (USD)

Category (A)


USD 4,590

Category (B)


USD 4,995

Category (C)


USD 5,400

  •  Fees per Semester are based on an average of 5 courses per Semester.

  •  The categories A, B or C for tuition fees are determined by the applicant’s grades in high school.
    • Category A 90% and above
    • Category B 80%-89%
    • Category C Below 80%
  • Tuition amount to be paid per semester over two equal installments, first installment (50%) is due upon receiving the final acceptance letter (5 working days from letter date), second payment (50%) after one month from the beginning of the semester.
  • 5% extra discount for paying the full year(2 semesters) fees before the beginning of the academic year.
  • A maximum of 10% increase in tuition fees will be applied annually.

Other fees: (Non-Egyptian Students - Newcomers)

  • Non-Academic fees: USD 550 (to be paid annually).
  • Health Insurance fees: USD 120 (to be paid annually).
  • Facilities insurance fees: USD 300 (Refundable, one-time fee).
  • Lab Fees: (to be paid annually).
    • Engineering: USD 800.
    • Business & Computer Science: USD 400.

Payment Options:

The tuition can be paid by either:

  • In-person payment in USD cash at Universities of Canada’s Campus or CRO Office.
  • Cash deposit through Universities of Canada USD bank accounts.
  • Bank transfers through Universities of Canada USD bank accounts.
  • Money transfer through the following bank branches: Click Here
  • Any bank transfers, money transfers or cash deposits payments in the bank, a copy of the document must be sent to Finance@uofcanada.edu.eg to confirm the payment also please note that the university is not responsible for any payments that doesn’t have sufficient proof”