UPEI Cairo Campus


Graduation Application Process

Students eligible for graduation within the 2023-2024 academic year can apply to graduate by completing the required Graduation Application form, and have their credentials awarded at the end of the semester in which they have met all program requirements. Students who will complete, or have completed, all program requirements must apply by the following respective deadlines:

  • Summer 2023 must apply by July 7,2023
  • Fall 2023 must apply by September 10, 2023
  • Winter 2024 must apply by December 31, 2023


Those who have missed the above-mentioned deadlines must apply for the following semester or complete an Academic Regulations Appeal Form outline the reason(s) for the late submission and why their late submission should be considered. The term of graduation will appear on the student’s transcript upon processing; however, the parchment will be available after the annual convocation ceremony.