UPEI Cairo Campus

Shark Dive UofCanada 1st edition winners!

The Entrepreneurship Center at the Universities of Canada in Egypt recently hosted its first pitch competition, Shark Dive UofCanada. Students had the opportunity to pitch their innovative business ideas in front of a panel of judges, including Dr. Hadia Hamdy, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Academic Development, Dr. Mina Bishara, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, UPEI Cairo Campus, and Stefán Orschel-Read, Program Director at The Creative School, TMU Cairo.

The Sharks evaluated each business idea based on its target audience, unique value proposition, and the problem or need it addresses. After careful consideration, the winners of the first pitch competition were announced.

1st place: Walid Williams, a senior student in Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI Cairo Campus, took home 2,000 LE, in addition to mentoring from the Entrepreneurship Center (EC) to keep developing his business idea, EC Welcome Kit and a free pass for the “Take Off” program for aspiring entrepreneurs starting in April 2023.

2nd place: Seif Khalifa, a first-year CS student at UPEI Cairo Campus, will continue to receive mentoring from the EC, EC Welcome Kit and a 50% discount on the upcoming “Take Off” program for aspiring entrepreneurs.

3rd place: Ahmed Elouby, a second-year Business student, and Humaid Shehu Dikko, a first-year CS student at UPEI Cairo Campus, tied for third place, taking both mentoring and support to keep developing their business idea, plus an EC Welcome Kit.

Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners of Shark Dive UofCanada. We can’t wait to see where their entrepreneurial journeys take them next!

Stay tuned for the second edition. New dates will be announced soon.