UPEI Cairo Campus

UPEI FSDE Accreditation

UPEI Cairo Campus, Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering Receives Both Canadian Accreditation and Egyptian Equivalency

Graduates of UPEI Cairo fulfill the academic requirements for licensure as professional engineers in both Canada and Egypt

The University of Prince Edward Island, Cairo Campus announced that the accreditation of its Sustainable Design Engineering program has been renewed by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). The program as delivered via both campuses in Charlottetown and Cairo received this accreditation as one program, which upholds the exact quality of education in the two campuses.

The CEAB works under Engineers Canada, which is a signatory of The Washington Accord. The CEAB is responsible for the accreditation of all undergraduate engineering programs in Canada. Graduates of CEAB accredited programs can fulfill the requirements of a professional engineer licensure in Canada. Therefore, if UPEI Cairo graduates are looking for a job in another country, this accreditation means that employers everywhere will recognize their degree as being trustworthy. 

At the same time, the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities has also approved the Sustainable Design Engineering program offered by UPEI Cairo. Accordingly, being a member in the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate is not something students should worry about when they consider enrolling in that discipline.

From Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Dr. Greg Keefe, UPEI President and Vice-Chancellor (Interim) stated, “Congratulations to the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering on achieving this accreditation under the leadership of Dr. Wayne Peters, interim dean, and Dr. Rasha El Shafei, Associate Dean at UPEI Cairo. It is the result of the exemplary dedication and hard work of our faculty and staff in building this strong project-based degree program that it is now recognized in Canada and Egypt.”

In her turn, Dr. Kim Critchley, Provost of UPEI, Cairo Campus said “the University support needed to ensure a successful accreditation outcome, expands far beyond the program boundaries. All departments were required to demonstrate that processes and procedures were in place to support students in the engineering program. The departments were expansive and inclusive. They included everything from top administration, facilities, human resources, and finance, through to student supports on campus. For this reason, the entire University had a role to play in the successful outcome”.

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has a rich history of outstanding leadership and achievement in education and research. Formed in 1969, UPEI honors its proud legacy through academic excellence and research innovation. With futuristic programs, such as Sustainable Design Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Game Development, as well as a holistic approach to building character, UPEI Cairo prepares its students to be the next generation of successful leaders.