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Ask UPEI's Graduating Class of 2022

We know because we've seen it happen over & over again. Students come to UPEI Cairo Campus with eyes set on the dream and a hand ready to be held for guidance. Fast forward to a few months into their journey, they find themselves thriving here at UPEI Cairo Campus.


Dr. Kim Critchley: A Word About UPEI Cairo Campus

"Students will not be confined to national borders."
UPEI Cairo Campus offers you an education that guarantees local & global opportunities. Being a branch for our mother campus in Canada, UPEI Cairo operates with the same quality and guidelines in Egypt.


UPEI Cairo Campus| EduGate 22'

We are already counting down the days left for the next fair!
A special shoutout to EduGate, our team, and our student interns who’ve done an excellent job representing our university!
Just because you couldn’t meet us at EduGate doesn’t mean you can’t meet us now!


H.E. Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar's Visit

The Universities of Canada's founders were the first to believe in the government's vision of hosting international universities in Egypt. We always take pride in being the 1st International Branch Campus to open in Egypt.