UPEI Cairo Campus

Faculty of Mathematics and Computational Sciences

Program Overview

Computer Science is one of the main pillars of modern technology and advancements. The faculty of Computer Science UPEI aims at producing graduates that can contribute and compete in the challenging market of software development and bringing science to life.

The UPEI Computer Science program not only provides technical and theoretical knowledge to students, but it aims at providing the students with professional experiences in the field and real-life challenges that enables them to be unique in the job market.

A Message From The Dean

The world has witnessed a revolution in Computer Science applications on all aspects of life such as health, education, communication, economy, and up to space exploration. This technological boom requires skilled individuals to cope with and contribute to.

A highly qualified graduate not only needs a versatile set of technical skills, but also needs to be up to pace with the industrial developments and be able to cope with any future changes. This is what the UPEI Computer Science specializations are providing for their students.

The UPEI-Cairo Campus Computer Science hosts three main specializations: Video Game Development, Data Analytics, and Business Analytics. These specializations serve two of the largest modern software markets. UPEI-Cairo Campus promises its students an edge in these competitive job markets by providing them with the proper combination of skills and a balance between theory and practice.

Mission & Values


The Mission of the UPEI Faculty of Science is to provide the job market with dependable and skilled graduates that are qualified based on international standards who can contribute to and advance modern industry.



Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Why Choose This Field

“Video Game Programming Specialization”

Video Game Programming is a very challenging task and requires a diverse set of skills and hands-on experience. The Game Programming specialization at UPEI balances between introducing theories and practical experience. Both academics and professionals teach the students to enable them to be ready for such a demanding market. The Video Game market is worth now more than both the music and movie industries combined. This growth requires skilled programmers, especially with online game streaming, which has already launched, opening a potential for even more careers. The Video Game Programming specialization delivered by UPEI’s branch campus hosted by UofC is a unique program in the MENA region. These new graduates will add value to the region’s market, not only in Video Game Programming but in all fields requiring a skilled programmer.


“Data Analytics Specialization”

The amounts of data collected per second now have grown immensely from all aspects. Extracting information from data is how modern businesses, management, and operations work. The world witnessed significant advancements since it started to embrace Data Analysis on a wide scale. That is why all jobs related to data are now the highest-paid amongst all other specializations. Previously a graduate study only in Egypt, now UPEI’s program delivered by its branch campus hosted by UofCanada provides an undergraduate program that qualifies students to Data Analytics. The program provides students with practical skills that enable them to translate data analysis into programs and produce results. In other words, Data Analytics is not all about mathematical theory but also how such theory can come to life in practice.


Video Game Development

Data Analytics

Business Analytics

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Science degree is a four-year degree consisting of 120 semester hours.

Required Courses

Courses that are marked by (VGD) are required only by the Video Game Development specialization, and those marked by (DA) are required only by the Analytics specializations.

1000-Level Courses

  • CS 1910 Computer Science 1
  • CS 1920 Computer Science 2
  • STAT 1910 Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH 1910 Calculus 1
  • MATH 1920 Calculus 2
  • UPEI 1010 (Writing Studies) (see note 1)

2000-Level Courses

  • CS 2910 Computer Science 3
  • CS 2920 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CS 2620 Computer Programming Languages (VGD)
  • CS 2820 Programming Practices (VGD)
  • CS 2520 Computer Architecture (VGD)
  • MCS 2050 C++ Technology Lab (VGD)
  • MATH 2610 Linear Algebra 1
  • MATH 2620 Linear Algebra 2 (DA)
  • MATH 2420 Combinatorics 1
  • MATH 2910 Calculus 3 (DA)
  • MATH 2720 Mathematical Reasoning (DA)
  • AMS 2940 Optimization (DA)
  • MCS 2030 R Technology Lab (DA)
  • STAT 2910 Probability and Statistics 1 (DA)

3000-Level Courses

  • CS 3110 Video Game Design (VGD)
  • CS 3620 Software Design and Architecture (VGD)
  • CS 3420 Computer Communication (VGD)
  • CS 3130 Android Development (VGD)
  • CS 3710 Database Systems
  • CS 3520 Operating Systems (VGD)
  • CS 3610 Analysis of Algorithms (VGD)
  • MCS 3320 Theory of Computing
  • MCS 3050 Tutoring in Mathematics
  • MATH 3010 Differential Equations (DA)
  • MATH 3610 Group Theory (DA)
  • MATH 3430 Combinatorics 2 (DA)
  • STAT 3240 Regression Analysis (DA)
  • STAT 3910 Probability and Statistics 2 (DA)
  • AMS 3770 Combinatorial Optimization (DA)

4000-Level Courses

  • CS 4350 Computer Graphics (VGD)
  • CS 4360 Advanced Computer Graphics (VGD)
  • CS 4810 Software Engineering (VGD)
  • CS 4650 Video Game Architecture (VGD)
  • CS 4120 Machine Learning
  • CS 4440 Data Science
  • CS 4210 Professional Writing
  • CS 4830 Video Game Programming Project (VGD)
  • MCS 4420 Cryptography and Codes
  • STAT 4550 Data Analysis and Inference (DA)
  • STAT 4660 Data Visualization and Mining (DA)


  1. UPEI 1010 can be substituted by UPEI 1020 or 1030 if required

An average of 70% in CS-4360, CS 4650 and CS-4810 for the Video Game Development specialization is required prior to enrollment in the CS 4830 Video Game Programming Project.

Career Opportunities

Simulation Engineer

Software Developer and Optimizer

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Animation Developer

Game Developer (cross-platform)

Graphics Engineer

Database Manager

Business Data Analyst


A highly capable computer lab suitable for intensive graphics development and mathematical computations.

Students have multiple licensed software that facilitates their studies.

Collaborative classrooms and regular lecture rooms are both utilized. The lecture rooms have modern smart board capabilities that are utilized by staff to deliver their courses.

Desire to Learn (D2L) is our Learning Management System (LMS) and the central location that instructors post information for their students.

What makes each program unique? What is the selling point of each program?

  • The first Video Game Development program in Egypt and in the MENA region.
  • The first Data and Business Analytics program in Egypt which is different and more focused than other Data Science specializations.
  • The program provides a versatile skill set that empowers graduates to work in numerous fields.
  • UPEI Cairo Campus is devoted to acquiring esteemed and diverse faculty with both professional and academic experiences. This highly enriches the student experience.
  • International unique education and a Canadian degree.