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Program Overview

The MBA in Global Leadership is a cohort-model MBA program delivered over 16 months. Students complete 14 courses as well as an “MBA Skills Orientation Module” at the beginning of the program. The cohort model enables students to progress through the applied program together as a community of learners, providing strong supports for students to achieve their personal and academic goals.

The MBA program is conducted in workshop-style classes on our Cairo campus, which allows for less lecturing and more experiential learning within the classroom. In addition to faculty members that come directly from the UPEI campus in Canada, we also have state-of-the-art facilities that provide smart learning tools. This allows distance learning opportunities with the UPEI library resources and the faculty on the ground in Canada. All courses are scheduled on weekends to accommodate working professionals.


The program begins each September with an MBA Skills Orientation Module. Applications are accepted and reviewed during annual admissions periods, although early submission is advised. Please visit uofcanada.edu.eg for the current year’s application deadline.

Applicants must submit the following materials to be considered: Online Graduate Application Form, official transcripts, a detailed resume, two references, GMAT/GRE score, an English language proficiency test score (if applicable), a personal statement, and the application fee.


The Mission of the UPEI MBA in Global Leadership program is to develop ethically and socially responsible global managers and business leaders through the delivery of an integrated, practical, and academically-rigorous curriculum.

The program is designed to enhance student’s skill sets and decision-making abilities needed in today’s dynamic international business environment.

Our ultimate goal is to develop global business leaders possessing the strategic, creative, and future-oriented mindset necessary for success anywhere in the world.


The world of international business offers a wealth of opportunities, but is also challenging.
Individuals embarking on a career in international business need to be well prepared for the challenges of entering new markets, working in other cultures, and navigating diverse business environments. They need to be equipped to manage ethically and successfully in environments where the legal, social, and infrastructure systems can differ substantially. To achieve this, the UPEI MBA in Global Leadership program targets a number of specific learning outcomes. Upon successful completion of the degree requirements, students are expected to:

  • Exhibit an ability to take on leadership roles and responsibilities in today’s complex and dynamic business environment
  • Demonstrate a strategic and global mindset,
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive level of knowledge of contemporary business theories,
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and job-ready skills,
  • Demonstrate ethical decision-making skills, and
  • Exhibit effective communication skills in all aspects of the business.

A thorough understanding of global business practices will enable graduates to identify, analyze, and propose feasible and innovative solutions to business problems across a wide range of functional areas in industries and governments in a global environment.

The UPEI MBA in Global Leadership aims to equip graduates of the program with the relevant knowledge and skills to thrive in diverse careers, including within global multinational businesses, in entrepreneurial ventures, or in the public sector.


  • Online Graduate Application form

  • Non-refundable application fee of 1,500 EGP

  • All official university transcripts

  • Two recommendation letters

    Professional or academic, and less than 6 months old.

  • Personal Statement

    No more than 400 words

  • Detailed current resume

  • A competitive GMAT/GRE score

    The equivalent of a GMAT score of 570 or greater. This may be waived for students with an exceptional academic record

  • An English language Proficiency Test

    may be waived for applicant who graduated with degrees taught in English

Lina Magdy
    Lina Magdy

    MBA Graduate

    UofCanada offers a unique MBA program delivered by world-class international professors coming straight from UPEI. The program is a life-changing experience and an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience through industry-guided projects that are relevant and keep your knowledge up to date. I highly recommend this MBA program for its global leadership focus that will help you grow into a more influential leader.

    Mina Emad Amir
      Mina Emad Amir

      MBA Graduate

      For me, an MBA at UPEI Cairo Campus was just the right solution that fills in the gap in the Egyptian market that it is a genuine Canadian qualification, which is internationally recognized, and affordable. The professors came to the class with a hybrid of their practical experience and in-depth academic knowledge. They were so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They gave me invaluable experience by working on real-life business problems. It was a long and tough journey yet very fruitful for me that it added much knowledge to scale up my capabilities to be competitive in the market.

      Required Courses

      Students must complete 33 credit hours (11 courses) of required core courses and an MBA Skills Orientation Module. The required core courses are as follows:

      The required courses for the MBA in Global Leadership are as follows:

      Business 6500 – MBA Skills Orientation Module
      Business 6510 – Global Leadership and Ethics
      Business 6520 – Negotiation Within and Across Cultures
      Business 6530 – Financial and Managerial Accounting
      Business 6540 – Financial Management
      Business 6550 – Management and Organizational Behaviour
      Business 6560 – International Marketing Management
      Business 6570 – International Operations Management
      Business 6580 – Statistics and Business Analytics
      Business 6590 – Project Management
      Business 6600 – Strategy for the Global Organization
      Business 6610 – International Capstone Project

      Elective Courses

      Students are required to take 9 credit hours (3 courses) of elective courses. Not all elective courses will be offered each semester, but the following is a list of potential elective courses.

      Business 7510 – Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
      Business 7520 – Disruptive Technologies and Creative Business Thinking
      Business 7530 – Global Banking and Capital Markets
      Business 7540 – Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
      Business 7550 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Business Environment
      Business 7560 – International Trade and Finance
      Business 7570 – Managing People and Teams in a Global Context
      Business 7580 – The Future of Marketing
      Business 7590 – The Impact of Climate Change on Business
      Business 7950 – Special Topics in Business
      Business 7960 – Directed Studies in International Business


      Tuition fees will be announced as soon as possible.

      Scholarships and Financial Aid

      Entrance scholarship available to all applicants, up to USD 2,200.
      All scholarships will be awarded upon evaluation and acceptance of applications.

      Admissions are currently closed. 
      For inquiries, please, contact