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The AMP is an academic support program that offers mentoring hours to help students achieve better grades, maintain good academic standing, and graduate on time.

Everyone is eligible, all UofCanada students can seek AMP support.

Please provide the following in the AMP request email: 

  • -Email Subject: Mentoring Request for (Course Name)
  •  Email Body:
    • Student Name 
    • ID number 
    • Academic Standing 
    • Course Name 
    • Preferred TA / Student Mentor name

For students with good academic standing, academic support is provided as per student request at any point in time and the mentoring hours are scheduled by the AMP officer to best fit their schedule.

For Probation and Gateway students, the academic support starts from the second week of the semester. Students receive a calendar invitation for mentoring hours with an allocated time slot that fits their schedule; assigned TA/student mentor and location.

Mentoring hours are generally provided in study rooms. However, some mentoring hours can be scheduled in classrooms across campus. It is important to note that once a calendar invitation is sent to students, the location will remain the same until the end of the semester. 

TAs or student mentors provide the mentoring hours for their assigned courses.

If the schedules of all stakeholders permit, every effort is made by the AMP officer to accommodate the student’s choice of the mentoring hours provided. 

If you have issues with your schedule, you can contact the AMP officers and every effort will be made to accommodate your request with the resources available. 

Mentoring hours are mandatory for all students on academic probation or those enrolled in the Gateway program.

Yes, they certainly can! Students of good academic standing are welcome to join at any point in time by contacting the AMP office.

Students’ academic performance is constantly monitored and if an area for improvement is recognized students will be called for an academic mentoring meeting held at the AMP office to discuss potential areas of improvement.

You will meet with an academic mentoring officer who will disclose what areas of improvement are noticed by your instructors. The student and the AMP officer will assess the reasons for unsatisfactory academic performance and based on discussion; propose a possible strategy for student improvement. Advice and guidance can range from self-study to dropping the course, depending on the case.

Confidentiality Note

It is important to note that mentoring meeting discussions between the student and the AMP staff are strictly confidential

Student mentoring is an on-campus job, you will get paid according to the number of hours you provided and to the hour rates announced by the student development. In addition to this, you will
develop your technical and soft to better equip yourself with tools for the job market.

At the start of the semester, Student Development will announce the recruitment of student mentors.
Students can apply via student services or come directly to the AMP office for a chat.

If you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria, fill in and submit the Student mentor application form.

The obligation of student mentor can be found on: Student mentor obligation.

AMP office is located in building B office number B123.